Sunday, July 6, 2008


I know my updates are few and far between these days, but blame twitter. It lets me instantly post whats on my mind, so instead of big posts, you get several little ones. But really there's not alot that's going on lately. I did get my cell phone problem resolved. I just bit the bullet and bought one. Didn't want to, we're still saving for vacation. I also have an appointment with a psychiatrist at the end of the month for my add. I can't fake being able to handle it. Ask Carrie. I'm a wreck. I guess it's a guy thing not wanting to admit you can't handle something. Really looking forward to vacation. Not looking forward to being 29 in August. That's almost 30. But at least I know my sis in law is right behind me and I can laugh at her. :-) Anyway, if you want to know what's up, see twitter. :-)

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