Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who's your Laban?

Lately I've been into the Message. I like it's plain spokenness and its frankness. So I've been reading the NT in my NKJV Life Application Bible b/c it explains the customs, etc. of the day and the OT in the Message. I've taken more from Genesis lately than I ever have, alot because you can read several chapters at a time, and you don't feel like you're studying for an exam.
Anyway, I was reading about Laban and Jacob today. Wow, what a man had to do for a wife. Especially when Laban kept changing the rules. Do we have anyone in our lives, that when we try and play their rules for something we really want, thinking we've reached the goal, and have the rules changed?
Is it worth it? Jacob ended up telling Laban off, and leaving with his daughters and grandchildren, and potentially seeing a brother who might kill him. I know God told him to go, but can you imagine what was going through Jacob's mind? All he wanted was what his father told him to do. He spent fourteen years of his life getting it.
I think it's worth evaluating my life and seeking out people who don't have my best interests at heart, who want to accomplish their goals more than anything else, and walking away. God's still going to bless me.

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